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A2S-Furnishing Systems Ltd.

A2S-Furnishing Systems Ltd.

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About us

A2S has a clear goal - to make learning spaces worldwide an inspiring environment for a new learning culture. We work towards this goal with versatile learning furniture and great enthusiasm.

As a family-owned company we have been learning for three generations now about the challenges that accompany school construction and everyday school life, and the resulting requirements for learning furniture. So we have an experienced eye in a double sense.

This is how we develop learning furniture that supports modern forms of learning through its flexibility, creates a coherent sense of space with its aesthetics and is a durable, safe and comfortable companion due to its materials. We offer a wide range of products, from school chairs to storage units, school desks, blackboards and upholstered furniture.

Put together, they create effective spaces where learners can feel comfortable, thrive and contribute.


A2S-Furnishing Systems Ltd.
ASS-Adam-Stegner-Str. 19
96342 Stockheim

Phone:  +49 9265 808-0

Products & Services

Over the years A2S Furnishing Systems has developed leading furniture solutions, like our PAGHOLZ® line; an almost indestructible, stunningly beautiful, natural-sourced composite material. The FLEX Series; a state of the art chair several unique design features, like our 3D spring mechanism for healthy movement and sustained comfort. Our patented Floorsafe glides reduce the risk of slipping, while protecting floors. Tables in various shapes and designs make learning more flexible. No matter whether in learning rooms, quiet areas or waiting areas – the COMBI, COCOON and MODULA series inviting open forms allow for effective dual use of the spaces. At A2S, we support our clients, with over 6.000 meticulously designed and crafted furniture solutions, for nearly every area within a school, from early childhood, to higher education.


Wherever furniture is subject to a lot of stress, we rely on PAGHOLZ®, an invention from our company. PAGHOLZ® has the natural appearance of solid wood, supplemented by additional valuable properties which are usually only provided by stone or metal. What this means for you: easy cleaning and a hardly flammable, self-extinguishing material. We only use native beech trees from stocks which are being carefully replanted. And all PAGHOLZ® products are particularly durable and can be recycled.
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With the upholstery elements JOYN and COCOON you can playfully create changeable seating landscapes: Islands of calm for creative breaks, treasure chests for surprising storage space, water lilies for refreshing learning impulses, seating circles for shared discussions, snakes for casual hallway conversations or flowers for joy in learning. And in the middle of it all, children who blossom while learning.
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PAGHOLZ® footrest chair

By simply adjusting the footrest, everyone from young to old, and even the teachers, can sit together in comfort, at the same table.
Our footrest can be conveniently and safely adjusted to the proper height, in just one simple action. The brackets prevent the footrest from tilting or being removed.. Everyone comes together to learn at eye level. The footrest chair is available with either a PAGHOLZ® or a FLEX seat pan.
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